And it’s work, work, work, all the time

That’s a quote from the Princess Bride, if you didn’t know.

And it also applies to my life, although not so much now as it used to.  I have actually had several days off, sometimes even two in a row!

I love work, but I do get tired.  Tired of failing my art history class, because I have not time to study.  Sure, I could study here and there during the day, like in the hour I eat lunch at home after class before heading to work, or after I get home at nine-thirty or ten-thirty-ish.  OK, that was supposed to be sarcastic, but I guess I really COULD do that.  But I need a super large chunk of time to study, so when I waste some there’s still a good bit.

Listening to: “Easy Chair” on Hobo Jazz’s Old Lester’s Speakeasy album.  It’s pretty much my favorite song on the album.   And I like “Mr. This and That”.


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