I have never known the like of this I’ve been alone and I have missed things and kept out of sight

So I have a morning class on tuesdays and thursdays, and when I say morning, I mean, butt-crack kind of morning.  Ok, not really, it’s a t 7:35 technically, but when your other classes start at 9:30 am, that’s comparitively butt-crack.

So the alarm goes off, I hit snooze a bunch of times, and finally decide it’s time to get up, so I go turn off the alarm, and then suddenly, I glance over my shoulder.  There is an empty bed.  A warm, fluffy shield from the menace that is the butt-crack of dawn (comparitively).  And I literally though to myself, “Missing the morning class.  Step 1:  Turn off alarm.  Step 2: get back in bed.”  And I was right, because I’m possibly at my brightest in the morning.

Well, no, I didn’t miss the class, but I missed getting a ride with dad and robert.

And I missed the slide portion of my art history test because I was late.  Test?  Who knew?

Actually, everyone but me.

It’s not like I would have gotten ANY of the slides had I even made the beginning of class, because I had only just read the chapter and was planning on intensively studying both tonight and tomorrow.  Guess I don’t need to any more.

Plus I obviously didn’t have a scantron, so the teacher gave me one, because he’s a sweetheart.  Then I rummaged in my bag for about five shocked minutes, until I swallowed what little pride I had left (the rest of it booked it to somewhere more pleasant when I opened the door, clutching my huge metal paint box and avoiding the twenty-odd stares directed at me because of my lateness and test-interuption…ness) and asked if I oculd borrow a pencil too.  So HE rummaged around for awhile, and then asked if anybody else could lend me one, and some male did, and I failed the test quickly and with little effort.  Oh gravity!

Pooh.  I will pass this class.

(No.  I won’t.)

My little brother and I added a new song today to our music myspace: http://www.myspace.com/hopnpop/


One thought on “I have never known the like of this I’ve been alone and I have missed things and kept out of sight

  1. Hey! Nice pics!

    Could you tell me the source of that quote up top? The one that starts “I have never known the like of this…” ?


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