in order that you may relate to my blog

it’s weird that after I paint my nails, I suddenly want to do a bunch of things to try and sabotage them.  Like things I wouldn’t normally want to do.  Like, laundry.  Don’t get me wrong, laundry is my chore of choice, but that just means I’d rather do it than scrub the floor or something.  When my nails are wet, I want to do laundry.

This phenomenon is similar to my approach to homework.  Or packing a bag before a trip.  Or cleaning my room.  (These are things that people of both genders could relate to.)

I will stay up all night in order to avoid these seemingly hapless tasks.  I will read books I don’t like.  If I’m supposed to be writing a paper, I’ll clean my room, but if I’m supposed to be cleaning my room I’d rather stare at the wall for hours than clean.

Maybe I’m just stinkin’ crazy.

You tell me?


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