Bored? I was.

Sometimes a seven hour layover in Ontario turns into an eight hour layover.

I kept a travel log so you wouldn’t feel left out.


Six more hours to wait.  Very grateful for ipod and Tree Grows In Brooklyn.  Getting hungry.


Wow, 13 minutes later.  I’m so cold.  Think I’ll go to the bathroom for something to do.  Might buy a sandwich and coffee.


Bought very hot coffee and a sandwich.  No longer cold.  Will hit bathroom after this.


Have gone to the bathroom 3 times in the same stall.  The wait is growing on me.


Two-ish hours left.  Getting nervous; running out of paper space.  Wish I had packed yesterday and did laundry and found Robert’s jacket.


I have finished my book.  What now?  Turned the dying phone back on in case Aurelio should call.  He won’t.  Bother.


Turned phone back off.  Should I really record evidence of my potential mental condition?  (Correct answer: there is none.  Rhetorical question)


Thinking about going to the bathroom for the fourth time.  But what if someone is in my stall?  That would be uncomfortable.


Starting to get so tired.  Last night’s lack of sleep is catching up.


Fell asleep for ten minutes with head phones on and got nervous about missing my flight.  15 minutes until boarding time.


Still very nervous.  No sign of plane.  However, I should not fear the arrow that flies by day.  Or the plane.


Just realized I could have tried to hang out with Nick for seven hours instead of just sitting here.  Dumb.


Flight delayed.  Yippie!


Ran out of room on envelope I was writing on–business size!  Where’s my plane?





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