November Midwest Trip, leg one, St. Paul

I’m currently typing this on Ariel’s laptop in St. Paul, in a coffee shop called J.S. Bean factory, surrounded by elderly ladies. I’m drinking a decaf peppermint cappuccino and it’s pretty good, although I wouldn’t have turned down some more foam.

I’ve never posted a blog from a mac before…does it look different? Just kidding.

I arrived yesterday evening to some pretty cool temps, but by the time I got out of the sweltering airport with my bags it felt wonderful outside. That’s pretty much how it’s been the whole time; once I’m all bundled up I’m so hot that 20 degrees is sweet relief. So, having been here for less than 24 hours I can assure you that Minnesota winter is no big deal.

Last night we went to an establishment called The Nook where we had fried cheese curds that turned out to be way more delicious than they sounded. I mean, maybe fried cheese sounds good to you already; I was a little intimidated. The main draw of the place is a thing that locals call a Jucy Lucy, although they were billed as “Juicy Nookies” on this menu. (Guess what they are? They aren’t fruit smoothies, as I had thought when Ariel first mentioned them.) I was told about the war between several restaurants in the area that claim to have invented them, some spelling it J-U-C-Y and some spelling it with the traditional “i”. BUT WHAT ARE THEY? I can hear you screaming, so I’ll tell you, but you’ll never be the same again!!!

(Please pardon the drama.)

They are burgers filled with melted cheese. Within the patty! It oozes out and burns you whenever you try to take a bite. But you don’t even care! You keep going back and burning your face and fingers.

I got the Paul Moliter burger which had pepper jack cheese inside. It was SO good. He is apparently some baseball player, but all you really need to know about him is that he likes pepper jack. I think.

The burger buns were made at a local bakery and soft and toasted with butter. The fries were also good but I really only bothered with them when the burgers had just arrived and I was afraid to take a bite right away.

Maybe you already knew about burgers filled with cheese. If so, I’m mad at you for not sharing your knowledge, and you should probably just pretend this is the first you’ve heard about it. You can be so selfish with your experiences!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures or anything, but I think you can imagine it pretty accurately. It’s like cordon bleu.

Likin’ the midwest so far! I’ll keep you updated whenever possible.


2 thoughts on “November Midwest Trip, leg one, St. Paul

  1. Your paragraphs are extremely far apart, but that’s no big deal either. (Like the winters. Lol.) Anything with “curds” in the name sounds unappetizing to me, but I have so much left to learn.

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