Games, books, prime, oh my!

I’m sorry I haven’t added anything to the blog in some time now. I thought the whole unemployed thing would help me in this area, but it turns out sitting on the couch and playing games on my kindle doesn’t provide that much writing material. The kindle fire is awesome though; I’ll see what I can do to blather on about it for a while.

I got it for Christmas, which I feel horribly spoiled about, and it is just chock full of goodness. I started out my game obsession with Draw Something, which is a simplified version of Pictionary, for those of you possibly ignorant of the concept. This is my first touch screen device, so you may as well know that when you were playing draw something two years ago on your iphone, I was crying in a corner. I even tried playing online with my laptop and then my wacom drawing tablet, but it just wasn’t the same.

I do have a few issues with the game. Some words, like “biscuit”, inspire me to spend ten minutes on a buttery steamy masterpiece that my poor opponent (or pal?) has to watch in real time as it slowly unfolds and I imagine is really boring and annoying. Then, other words, like “weak”, get a two second drawing of stick figures at a gym. Also you only start out with primary colors (that don’t blend) and it’s a little difficult to draw the Hulk, or Kermit the frog, without using green. But by now I’ve earned enough coins to buy two additional color palettes adding secondary and even tertiary colors to my little bag of tricks.

Enough about that!

The games I used to play only when waiting for the other people to draw something back to me are now firmly established in my repertoire: Happy Jump, Happy Fall, Angry Birds. There are a lot of emotions.

happy jump is soooooooo cute

In addition to the free games, there are also a lot of classics one can download. The first one I read was a lesser Jane Austen novel called Lady Susan. It isn’t her worst novel, and it was entertaining enough. It felt like a really fast read; I assumed it was a short story or something but they call it a novel, so who am I to argue?


the lady herself?


If you haven’t read it and you are a fan of Austen I would recommend it. The main thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that the entire thing consisted of letters between characters, except for the last few paragraphs at the end which are randomly 3rd person. And the end wasn’t that great. One of those quick little blurbs that makes you wonder if old Jane got lazy and started to hate other people’s letters as much as I do.

Yeah, I didn’t make it sound great, but I can say that there is at least one fantastic character and she will amuse you. So go ahead, give it a read.

As a kindle owner I received (from my friends at Amazon) a month’s membership  of Amazon Prime. I was very pleased to see that Prime members get to borrow popular books for free, and neglected to read the fact that you only get to borrow one a month, so I downloaded the hunger games (I don’t think I’d read it since the first time) instead of something unknown and exciting. One book a month, prime? Seriously? I would never buy that!

But with Prime does come a lot of free shows and movies. I’m currently on season 2 of Parks and Recreation. My brother Robort told me it was funny, and he was right, as usual. The pilot was a little slow but it really picked up. It has that sometimes dry, clever humor that I like. It can be silly and occasionally dumb but I like it so much more than the office, to which it has similarities, including the catchy instrumental song at the beginning. Season 2 is proving to be more amusing than season 1, a trend I’m confident will continue until the end of time. Right? RIGHT??

My California days are drawing to a close, so I also try to hang out with the chickens and cats my friends! I’m sorry! I’ve been really antisocial lately due to an excess of travel and human interaction. I am 99% recovered from that so I will probably see you soon. In real life. I will leave the kindle at home.

P.S. If you want to buy one or two cars from me I will make you a gift basket of freshly laid eggs and kittens (if I can find some) and candy.


2 thoughts on “Games, books, prime, oh my!

  1. I think if you feel spoiled then you probably aren’t spoiled yet. Josh and I watched the pilot episode of P&R and gave up on it, so maybe we’ll have to revisit it now. Meanwhile maybe you should revisit Nort Dakoda.

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