In case you were wondering…

Aurelio and I did in fact marry on Groundhog Day, February 2nd, 2013. Groundhog Day is coincidentally one of my favorite movies.


Coincidentally, not one of Aurelio’s favorite movies, but we make it work

We had a lovely little ceremony at Momo’s house with our immediate families.

Betsy was kind enough to take pictures so I will share some with you! Hopefully not too many.


We’re always so natural, it’s CRAZY.

Here are my new sisters:


The beautiful sister on the far left helped with my flowers, and the beautiful sister on the far right did my hair and helped with my makeup. The beautiful sister on the center left assisted the hairdresser. She probably did more things but I wasn’t aware of everything going on. Sorry Cailie!

These are the siblings I’ve always had, although no less exciting:


They were also very instrumental. The menfolk did a lot of moving and cleaning and Betsy and Emmy helped with planning and decorating etc.

Here’s one with all of our siblings:


Trust me: this was the best shot. Unfortunately brother-in-law Josh was not able to make it and improve this picture. 😦

The fun thing about having such a small party was being able to use the family silver and Mom’s mom’s china (supplemented with some of Mo’s mom’s).


Cake stand and servingware on loan from Emmy and Josh (right?)

Mom did such a good job on the cake! Beautiful and delish.


I have to post this lovely picture of my friend Amy even though I look like a total doofus:


True friendship is looking like a goon while your friend looks good

Amy helped out a ton! It seems like she did more than she should have been allowed to do…I guess that’s true friendship.

And who doesn’t love that little door for the milk man in mo’s kitchen? Not Dominic! Not Dominic doesn’t!


milkmen were much smaller back then

This image proves that men are great at doing dishes:


I see more evidence of this fact every day

Here are the Chayrez brothers. What the heck are they doing?Image

Just kidding. They were showing off their socks, which is perfectly normal behavior.


A picture with Gerow parents:


We have great personalities

And the Chayrez parents:


We might be tired of taking pictures

The only problem with backyard weddings is the creepy neighbors:


hee hee

Here we are with Mo:


Here I am with Cuen and Steph:

I'm actually much taller IRL

Those called Stephanie Chayrez have similar taste in shoes. Those called Cuen Chayrez are sometimes too fast for digital photography.

Cuen and Steph got us an amazing room at the Hard Rock hotel downtown. Talk about snazzy!

Here’s one last shot of one of the tables:

Thanks to everyone who helped with flowers! Cathy, Steph, Chase!

Thanks to everyone who helped with flowers! Cathy, Steph, Chase!

And thank you for reading and looking, everyone. These are all unedited shots Betsy (or someone behind Betsy’s camera) took. Austin’s friend Brandon was also taking pictures, so when we get more maybe I’ll do another post, if there is enough interest. My next blog posts should involve our new apartment in Austin, Tx (sort of) and our new jobs and news and new stuff.

Until next time,

The Artist Formerly Known As Stephanie Gerow

Do you see how I did that?


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