A few apartment pictures: all in good time, of course

A goodly amount of time has passed since I promised thee updates.

As for our living situation, technically Aurelio and I live right over the city line of Round Rock, Texas, although we both work in Austin. Round Rock is just north of Austin, populated by about 100k persons. On Memorial day we went looking for the library, which was obviously closed. We discovered Historic Round Rock. You can read a little about it on their wikipedia page if you like. Apparently Sam Bass, famous train robber, was shot nearby and they reenact the event every 4th of July. Wouldn’t want to miss that if you happen to be in the area come Independence Day!

He looks kind of depressed. Did he know how it would end?

Just a handful of people have seen our apartment, and even those few lucky humans haven’t been back since we’ve added some things. There’s still a long way to go from a decorative standpoint, but from a functional one, we’re doing all right.

I wish I could say that the boring-ness of our bedroom helps me sleep, but alas. I won’t even post a picture.

Out of all the (many, many) rooms in our apartment, the living room is the closest to “decorated”.



Aurelio and I like palettes. The big one we found on the side of the road, and the two smaller ones came from Aurelio’s place of work. He has converted them, by placing dvds inside, into dvd shelves. Shabby chic?

I should here give a shout out to the Bartons of Fort Worth for donating their old teevee. Thank you!

The dining area:


I want to do a project with our table, so maybe I’ll post about that in a year and a half when it happens.

The kitchen might tie with the bedroom for blandness, so I won’t bore you with its image.

Here we have the bathroom. It is highly functional. I’d rather get up at least twice a night to pee here than remain asleep, so that should tell you something.


We also have a super clean, ridiculously organized closet, but I’ll leave that up to your imagination.

I’m sorry the pictures aren’t the highest quawity. You should visit and see the apartment for yourself!


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