It’s my birthday month!

My 25th birthday came and went last week, finally answering a few of the questions on everybody’s minds. Would I be sharing a birthday with my baby? Would I have my first child as a 24 year old? Will my baby be a cancer or a leo? Would I survive my early 20’s?

The answers: No, no, leo and yes, apparently.

For my birthday I wanted to finally hang some posters I had purchased about five years ago. I’ve had the necessary frames for almost as long, but not the glass or backing. So my gifts from Aurelio and my parents were framing materials. Here are they we’ve hung so far.

In the living room:


ooh, artsy edges



And the bedroom:

ImageImageI also want to share this weird picture of Aurelio’s arm after he was napping on the couch (uncharacteristically) with his hand pressing into his arm:


Weird, right?? (Don’t mind the dirty rug. We don’t have a vacuum.)

And here’s me at 39 weeks:


I assume my face is not important in this shot. Or my toiletries?

We got a new camera so we could document the important aspects of our lives better, and as you can see it’s totally working. I hope you’ve enjoyed the pictures. Thank you all for the birthday wishes and gifts and candy and cookies and cream puffs!

Until next birthday month,

T. A. F. K. A. S. G.


6 thoughts on “It’s my birthday month!

    • Thank you. It’s sticky paper I bought for a few bucks at ross. I don’t know what exactly it’s called, but it was really easy to cut it and stick it and it’s supposed to come off with no problems. We shall see.
      I mean, do you love it? I love it! I got it at Ross!
      What color/type of pattern are you going to go with for yours?

  1. Little apartment stole my comment! You look so petite for 39 weeks! And I LOVE the posters, I’m sure they look even better in person because I loved them in person even before they were so nicely framed. Call me 🙂

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