I would apologize, or make the obvious excuses for my lack of posts lately, but given my track record of infrequent blogging I feel no one expects anything from me anyway.
What I am here to do is share some pictures of baby Robin and surrounding events! I’m doing this from the kindle so I’m not sure how the pictures will look!

On her due date, Aurelio, mom and I went to check out the famous “round” rock for which our town was named.


I think we all expected it to be bigger.

Then we met Betsy at cracker barrel for lunch. The last time I supped there I ended the day in the hospital with kidney stones, ruining the end of Amy’s visit. So it seemed an appropriate restaurant choice.


Here’s the family of two for the last time!


I know my husband was really good about posting photos on Facebook while we were in the hospital, but as I wasn’t exactly surfing the web at the time, I might accidentally re-share some of them.

Here she is with her father in the NICU:


Poor girl had an IV 😦

Here she is meeting her Aunt Elizabeth. Auntie Betsy?


This is my favorite picture from the hospital! I know it’s a little blurry but her cheeks make me laugh every time I see this:


During her sumo phase with Yiayia

After we got home she was a little too skinny for wrestling, so she became interested in karate.


We couldn’t help playing a little during her first bath, part 2. (Part 1 of bathtime involved poo.)


Witch boy?

I tried to follow an artistic vision here, but didn’t get a very good shot. Ain’t that the way they say it goes?


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics and maybe there will be more one day!


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