How far from the tree can we really expect the apple to fall?

I went through the rest of the pictures on Betsy’s camera, (and I also finished my work project for the week) so I thought I would share some more of them.

Firstly, thank you Betsy for taking pictures! You’re the besty.


An undeniable connection

You know how sometimes when you drop something you can search all over the floor where you dropped it and finally realize it had inexplicably bounced really far away, and you’re like, whu?? That is not the case in this next metaphor, though, with Robin being the apple, and me being a tree with the ability to really destroy any photo with little to no effort. I can only assume she has inherited this talent from me.

Now everyone looks perfectly happy in this picture…


aside from a little stiffness

But let’s take another look, shall we?



This next one was all her:


she’s about to freak out…

But here we have a mother-daughter team effort:


….and she lost it

Aside from both or either of us ruining all our group pictures, we did get some good action shots of the little sidekick!


Calmly threatening evildoers with her bare fist


I call this one “Sad Superheroine”


“Shut up, crime!”

And before you ask, that wasn’t a slide, but a tube. No babies were harmed in the capturing of these images.

I hope you have enjoyed!


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