3 Months, and all’s well!

Today Robin is 3 months old! (Or 13 weeks and 1 day. How does that equal 3 months?)


You want me to smile?

She smiles plenty, especially at her big cousin Christie, but it seems like as soon as she notices a camera she goes all frowny, and I haven’t been able to capture the cuteness. So today when Austin got off work he distracted her while I “secretly” took her picture…over and over.


“Oh, Dad!”

I finally feel like she resembles baby me in some of these pictures. I think it’s because her face looks super round!


It turns out she is my baby!


A car in every garage and at least two chins for every baby

I like this goofy smile:

ImageThis next one is her impression of a wounded soldier:


“I been shot. Tell Pa I’m sorry I never got a chance to fix that fence.”

Here’s an action shot. “Coo!”



She still looks mostly like her dad, of course. Which is good, because I happen to think he’s good-looking.


Here she is pretending to be sweet:


“I sleep the whole night through because I’m perfect!”

Just kidding! She’s looking at her arm in this one because she’s wondering why her wrist isn’t in her mouth.


“How’d that get over there?”

It’s actually getting dry from her sucking on it all the time. But anyway, happy 3 months, Bobbie Gray! Thanks for joining us. In life.




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