Baby’s first…

This is going to be one of those posts that I should really split into at least 2 separate things, but I don’t want to reload all the pictures. I’ll start with current stuff and work my way back to our California Christmas trip.

This evening, we finally took the plunge and put Robin in her first cloth diaper!


Surprisingly, she didn’t follow the Murphy’s Law of cloth diapers, which I’ve heard is: try on a new diaper, immediately poop.

I wonder if we’ll have leaking issues. I wish we could make it tighter around her waist, but then it seems to get too tight around her leetle tiny, tiny legs. I’m guessing it won’t be a problem until she starts rolling over. Don’t worry! I’ll let you know how it goes.


She’s getting good at reaching for and grasping objects.

She’s also really good at looking amazingly cute.


This looks so much like a certain photo shoot of her cousin’s. She is not wearing high-lighter. 🙂


cutest baby in Round Rock, Texas

Our trip felt way too short of course, and we didn’t get to see all the people or do all the things we wanted. Thus is life.

San Diego weather was strangely perfect and a real treat compared to the chilly temps we had just left. Mom and Mo took her and went shopping one morning and we walked around South Park. It really made us want to live in a neighborhood like that.

It felt so weird (and awesome) to leave the baby sleeping with her grandparents and walk to the corner to buy an overpriced specialty soda. I’m looking at you, Grant’s!

It was my first time being home for a Christmas Minor, which is a Christmas when not all of the siblings are present. I was SO glad we got to go (thanks Betsy and Marcos) but it was sad not to see everyone.

Here are some pictures of Baby’s first Christmas!


“And so this is Christmas…” That’s Robert’s hair sticking out behind Robin.

 Back when her father still had a mustache:


As P.T. Washburn smiles benignly in the background



someone’s in the kitchen with Robin

I love the way the house looks all decorated!


No matter how far away you roam…

Best gift wrap present-ation 😉 this year goes to Robert


If he didn’t ruin Christmas, who did?


“Buy me tons of presents!” No, Robin, you’re too little.


She loves her new books. I think this is Baby’s First Bible Stories (Not really, but something to that effect)

On boxing day, which we carefully did not observe because we’re Americans, we flew to Oakland. Chase and Cailie picked us up at the airport.

(Not pictured.)

One of our bags was left behind but it was sent to Austin’s parents’ house later that same night. We were pleasantly surprised to have it end so well. We’ve had poor customer service from several Southwest parties lately, including the person in the baggage claim office in OAK. Strange, since in the past everyone has been so nice.

Anyone else experiencing that?

We exchanged gifts that night before Cuen and Steph went back to Hume, and Robin got super cute clothes and hats from her Chayrez grandparents, Great-Grandma Ruth, and aunts and uncles. Lots of furry wintry things that were perfect for our subsequent trip to Hume Lake!

The next day we drove  “up the hill” and Cuen and Steph went to a ton of trouble to prepare a fun weekend for everyone. Robin got to meet some of her great-aunts and uncles and first cousins once-removed(?)!

We stayed in the hospitality house, which was like different worlds colliding, since we had cleaned it so many times back when we worked in support services. Lots of fancy furniture upgrades since our time though. 🙂

Here’s a group Apples to Apples shot:


I was upstairs pumping. :/

I used to think I was good at the game, since I dominated the last time I played, but I just kept getting terrible cards. Yeah. ‘Twas the cards’ fault!

Not to be all complainy, but I worked my 3 normal weekend shifts–staying inside on the computer–and I didn’t get to see very many people, or walk around the lake! I didn’t even try to get my shifts covered, so I have no one to blame but moi! I just figured it was pointless to ask since it was the weekend after Christmas and other people needed it off too. It doesn’t hurt to ask, though. Let that be a lesson to you.

I did see this wild turkey, but I didn’t take this picture of it. I think it was Cailie?


I can’t PROVE it’s the same turkey, but I recognize that satirical eye.

I did get to eat at the OK Chalet though! That was fun.


The twins

We got to go back to Tracy for a few days before coming home. You know we ate at Mongolian Barbecue! Best food ever. I’d been craving it since I left and have been again ever since.

Here’s Tia ‘Leah Aunt Aleah helping to bathe the child:


 She also colored my hair and I love it! (Also not pictured.) Thanks Aleah!

 These pictures crack me up because Robin looks like she has an after-bath pit crew.




She seems to enjoy the service!

 And not to be boringly repetitive, but I wish we had taken a few group shots! We didn’t get a Gerow family picture on the porch this year (Because Aunt Nancy and Uncle Steve weren’t there to save Harry! I mean, remind us.) And hey!! We didn’t even watch It’s a Wonderful Life this year! We didn’t take any group pictures in Hume or Tracy, either.

I wish we had pictures of all of Robin’s grandparents and aunts and uncles! I know some people did take pictures on their own cameras and phones, at least.

I think I’m going to have to hire a photographer to follow us around.

After we win the lottery, that is.

So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone!

Christmas isn’t over for me until I send all my ‘thank you’ notes and Emmy her presents. Oops.

Hope that’s everything!

16 thoughts on “Baby’s first…

  1. Oh my gosh, that little girl is sooo cute! Even Uncle Fun thinks so too. She is a “Cover Girl” baby! Mom and Dad aren’t “bad lookers” either.
    I just wish you all lived closer so I could spoil her and get my “baby fix”.
    Thanks for sharing at Christmas. (My mom was entranced too. Being able to hold Robin was good for her soul.)

  2. Cute! When she starts to move and loses some of the leg chub you’ll be able to tighten it more. There’s a good video which explains some of these fit issues that I’ll look for. Does the diaper hang a bit low? You could snap down the rise a bit which will may make the fit a little better. It’s actually a fine line between too tight and not snug enough – too tight can DEFINITELY cause leaks!

    • Thanks for your comment! I appreciate all the advice I can get! I don’t think it’s hanging low on her but I’ll mess around with it and see if that helps. One issue we have had so far is that the AIO freetime diapers (she’s wearing pocket while we’re at home) seem like they are chafing her a bit. She has red lines on her poor bottom from the inside of the diaper; I think where the built-in flaps kind of rub against her skin? I don’t think it’s from being too tight because she doesn’t have marks around her legs and belly where the elastic is. So we’re easing into the transition and put her in a disposable last night so she could wear some ointment.
      Anyway, I’d love to see the video you recommend if you end up finding it!

      • That makes sense. You can cut up some flannel rectangles and lay them in the diaper as a sort of liner, which may protect from where the flap is. It’s also useful if you want to use ointment – a lot of people swear by coconut oil. I’m recently using the new GroVia balm with zinc, which is cloth diaper safe but has that magic ingredient it seems. It’s expensive, but I haven’t found anything else that works as well.

        This is the video I was thinking of:

  3. Ooh, good idea about the flannel! I have some old cloth diapers from my mom that I can cut up…
    How is the GroVia balm working for you? I have Bumgenius diapers and I don’t want to void the warranty by using any oils or anything, or I’d try coconut. And thanks for the link! Very helpful.

  4. I’ve only been using it a couple of weeks, but it’s working very well. Previously we had to use Penaten to clear up a rash, which is definitely not cloth diaper safe. You should be okay with coconut oil (I think a LOT of people use it, and it seems to be the primary ingredient in most CD safe balms), but Isla seems to need the zinc component. You can also put a liner like flannel to protect a bit from the cream (I still wouldn’t with penaten, but it would probably protect enough for coconut oil without voiding the warranty). The GroVia balm basically says “many parents use this with their cloth diapers and don’t report any problems, but if you’re using more than a thin layer, add a liner.”

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