My balogna has a first name, it’s R-O-B-I-N…

Robin had her first food today, and as you probably guessed from the title of mein blog, it was bologna.


Is this real life?

Psych! She had some avocado!

Her reaction was verrrrry anticlimactic, but we still had fun. I wonder if she’ll be like her father, who likes food, in general.

She made some faces like she wasn’t that into it, but then she always seemed to want more. She liked having the spoon in her mouth!


We also let her smear some all over the tray, which she was really into.

In this picture she was trying out the chair at the Morales’s house, but did not eat anything.


This is what I consider to be her baby Steffi face

At the end of last month we went to Forth Worth to visit the Bartons and see some apartons. Or do I mean the Bartments, for to see some apartments? Either way, we haven’t found one yet.


I never noticed (until now) that Josh and Haley have the same colors in their hair. Perfect couple!

I should have held my own baby so Haley’s was discernible!

Again, at the Morales’s last week. She seems to be asking for something.


“Mom, it’s not a big deal! Feed me some solids already!”

But it is a big deal, Robin. I honestly feel that a chapter in our lives has closed forever!

Also I’m kind of nervous about how her new bowel movements will change cloth diapers, comma, how we do. In case anyone wonders, I think cloth diapering is fun and easy! Austin: not as excited about it. I am seriously wanting to start buying/making cloth everything. Cloth “paper” towels! Cloth diaper wipes! Cloth everything.

What if people wore clothes made of cloth so they could wash them and wear them again, instead of having to throw them away and buy new ones? Right???

Join me in clothophilia! It is awesome!

I mentioned to Aurelio the other day that I was surprised that I actually enjoy washing the diapers, and he said it’s because the whole time, I’m rubbing my hands together thinking of all the money I’m saving. Ha ha, jerk.


8 thoughts on “My balogna has a first name, it’s R-O-B-I-N…

  1. She looks adorable with avocado on her mouth! I can’t believe she’s a solid-eater now! But not yet a solid solid-eater. Soon enough!

  2. She is a girl after Great Uncle Fun’s Heart (an avocado eater). Next step; guacamole and chips! Yum!
    She received the stamp of approval from her uncle—“What a cutie!”
    I have to agree with “little apartment”, she is beyond adorable. Keep up the great work Mom and Dad!

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