The guttural growls of a growing girl

We moved! We still have a lot of boxes lying around, so I will share pictures once everything is unpacked.

Here is a video of my child and her newest phase in vocals:
I know I appear to be encouraging her, but I swear she came up with it on her own!

She is a little demonic-sounding at times. Imagine waking up to that noise, over and over, as I did the other day!

(P.S. I realize one of her pj snaps is undone!)

Enjoy the video!

Baby’s first…

This is going to be one of those posts that I should really split into at least 2 separate things, but I don’t want to reload all the pictures. I’ll start with current stuff and work my way back to our California Christmas trip.

This evening, we finally took the plunge and put Robin in her first cloth diaper!


Surprisingly, she didn’t follow the Murphy’s Law of cloth diapers, which I’ve heard is: try on a new diaper, immediately poop.

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